The evolution of residential electrical

With an abundance of home automation products, the possibilities are endless and has transformed the way people interact with their homes, whether they are there or not.
Home-based smart technology gives you access to control it all – your home security, lighting, audio, appliances and even the blinds & curtains!
Something that was once considered a luxury feature is now becoming a common inclusion for homeowners.

The residential industry for electricians is becoming tech driven and it all starts with a robust, secure network.
The modern home has multiple devices connected, all competing for bandwidth from your home network, making us abundantly aware that a high-performance network is essential to support our increasing demands.
Our IT specialists can design a network to suit your requirements, offering a superior, dependable wireless network with the latest routers, access points and switches on the market to create an adaptive and expansive foundation for future growth.

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Evolve pride ourselves in providing an end-to-end service, with inhouse registered electricians, AV technicians and IT specialists. Collaborating the old-school, heavy lifting of structured cabling with simplified AV and voice-controlled automation to create a flawless and unique system for our clients.

Today’s innovative technology is exciting, and our team is passionate about integrating it into New Zealand homes

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