Residential Lighting Design in Auckland


The importance of residential lighting design starts off with careful planning and consideration of the lighting scheme for a home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Selecting the appropriate types of lighting fixtures, bulbs and controls to create the desired atmosphere while still providing adequate illumination for tasks and activities.

Good design takes into account the rooms and spaces within a home, as well as needs and preference of homeowners. Factors such as colour temperature, brightness and beam angle are carefully considered to ensure that the lighting enhances the mood and ambience of each room. Besides, energy efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important considerations in residential lighting, with the use of LED bulbs and smart lighting controls becoming more common.

Effective residential lighting design can greatly enhance the comfort, functionality and overall enjoyment and feel of your home. Evolve have worked on countless residential projects city wide, ranging from understated elegance to high-end architectural homes, creating beautifully resolved lighting design customised to our clients’ requirements. We’ll work together with you to plan the perfect solution for your home, whether it’s a new build project or a renovation, our team have a wealth of experience to deliver a quality result.

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