Structured Cabling in Auckland


Better connectivity for business as usual

In today’s fast-paced business world, seamless connectivity is essential for daily operations and productivity. A well-planned and implemented cabling infrastructure plays a vital role in maintaining a reliable and efficient system to keep your business operations running smoothly. Structured cabling is the backbone to modern connectivity, Evolve have certified structured cabling technicians who can design and install a cabling infrastructure tailored to you organisations needs.

Having a structured cabling system allows for easy upgrades and changes to your network and entertainment services, and efficiently distributes services throughout the building as a neat an organised solution that eliminates the need for unsightly wires and cables.

Cabling services for enterprises and more

In addition to internet connectivity, cabling infrastructure is also necessary for other critical operations such as security systems and servers. The system typically includes a centralised panel where all the cables and components are terminated and connected for equipment or devices and is generally located in a cabinet or utility room acting as a hub for all communication. Poorly installed cabling can result in downtime, slow connectivity and security breaches, that’s why its important to consult with a specialist such as the experience team at Evolve to design, install and maintain your cabling infrastructure.

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