Revolutionising Digital Media Solutions

We’re living in the age of information. Everywhere you look, a new form of technology is popping up to make our lives easier, more connected, and more collaborative. With technology so woven into our everyday lives, embracing creative digital media solutions has a massive impact on businesses.

In this post, we’re exploring emerging trends in digital media solutions in Auckland. Read on to discover how embracing these solutions might benefit your business.


Emerging Trends in Digital Media Solutions

The Rise of Video Conferencing

While video conferencing has been popular for a couple of decades, the appearance of the pandemic kicked it into overdrive. These days, high-spec video conferencing is just as important as having an in-office meeting room for collaboration.

A recent survey in New Zealand found that 78% of workers worked remotely, some or all the time. With remote work policies becoming the norm, video conferencing has become as crucial to the function of a company as standard meetings.

To that end, businesses will benefit significantly from an excellent video conferencing setup in every meeting space.

Digital Media as Décor

Another game changer that’s gained popularity over the past few years has been incorporating digital media displays into your company décor. These attention-grabbing displays can define a space, catching your customer’s eye and demonstrating a commitment to cutting-edge technology and a forward-thinking attitude.

Digital media displays like this can serve a wide variety of functions aside from décor:

– Advertising displays for retail or commercial spaces.

– Presentation walls for company briefings or client meetings.

– Video conferencing for large meetings.

Integrated Functionality

New technology is all about the interconnectivity of smart devices. From intelligent lighting to interconnected functionality and displays, there are many ways to integrate customisation into your workplace. From voice commands to universal remote setups, many workplaces are adopting exciting new technology to enhance productivity.

The proliferation of enhanced technology in modern workplaces allows workplaces to create innovations for collaboration, display, and interaction. From simple methods like casting displays to more complex interactions like voice-controlled activation of devices, convenience and automation are gradually emerging as a trend in modern offices.


The Impact of Embracing Creative Digital Media Solutions

For Retail Spaces

For retailers, every design choice is geared towards enticing the customer to purchase something. Brands carefully tailor their store presences, adapting everything from the music and lighting to their window displays to call their ideal customer to the store.

Once inside, digital media solutions installed in the space can improve conversion rates as well as brand retention. Think large, beautiful advertising displays near check-out to drive further purchases, or introduce new collections with stunning digital advertising near the relevant items.

For Eateries and Bars

In these spaces where entertainment and relaxation meet, embracing emerging digital media trends presents excellent opportunities. Digital media solutions can entice customers to stick around for longer, enjoying their time in a beautiful space that connects with what they want. Whether advertising further menu items, displaying entertainment for solo patrons, or simply making day-to-day operations in the space more accessible, these solutions can improve an eatery in many ways.

For Offices and Workspaces

As the fastest-evolving city in the country, there are many benefits for offices and workspaces that embrace digital media solutions in Auckland. In particular, for collaboration. Over the past few years, the major challenge for many workplaces has been to evolve to accommodate a more widespread workforce. With creative digital media solutions like video conferencing and integrated digital functionality, workspaces can better embrace collaboration at a distance.


How Evolve is Leading the Way

Video Conferencing

The need for reliable, high-quality video conferencing solutions has never been greater. At Evolve, we work with businesses to create tailored meeting room setups that allow people in different locations to connect and communicate in real time. This drives better collaboration for geographically dispersed teams.

Video Walls and Digital Media

From interactive displays to digital signage, at Evolve, we specialise in providing bespoke video walls and digital media solutions for businesses of all sizes. We’re not just working on the installation side of things, either. Thanks to our years of experience with this evolving technology, our expert team can help you design and install the right system for you.

Whether you need a dynamic retail display or an engaging corporate presentation, we are ready to help. We’re proud to be at the forefront of an ever-changing world of technology, handling custom design and installation for a variety of businesses.

It’s time to lead the way.

Discover Evolve’s digital media solutions and lead the way in the digital revolution! We’re on hand to provide enhanced digital media solutions in Auckland, providing our customers with easy access to the most up-to-date technology to supplement their operations.

Ready to revolutionise your space? Jump in with Evolve Tech NZ, and let’s get started.

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