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North Beach

North Beach, Sylvia Park 

In an era of online shopping, the desire of over-the-counter retail needs to be strong.
It all starts with an enticing, illuminated façade, playing a vital role in sparking curiosity and attracting quality customers inside.

Our certified data technicians installed a high impact video wall displayed at the store front transitioning through current advertisements, guaranteed to attract the attention of passers-by. Followed up with a familiar sound flowing out of the custom designed audio system comprised of high voltage line amps, 8 speakers, mixer and Yamaha music cast wireless system to carry the sound throughout the space. Music has a big impact on our mood and tends to gravitate us towards products that fit our current state of mind. 

The use of different illuminance levels through out the store created a stylish and functional space, highlighting displays and produce flattering dressing room lighting. Light not only presents the product, but also determines the atmosphere and emotion within your environment.

The aesthetic was geometric and industrial, masculine black track lighting was placed around the store so the lighting could be directed where it was needed, retail stores have ever changing displays and configurations, so this needed to be flexible.

The custom timber wave wall featured at the rear of the store was lit from underneath with a multicoloured LED strip light, set to slowly transition through a kaleidoscopic collection of colours. Black linear strip pendants hang from the geometric timber ceiling in the centre of the store, carrying on the industrial vibe and producing a diffused light over the zones under the lowered ceiling. The POS counter was lit from underneath with LED strip lighting, casting light across the panels and acquainting costumers to the additional merchandise displayed. 

Evolve designed and installed a CCTV camera layout to expose every corner of the store, protecting the wellbeing and livelihood of the store, it’s staff and to minimise the impact of theft. All of this was this tied together by a purposeful structured cabling design and comms cabinet in the back of house with 6TB storage and monitors, connected with a robust network design and wireless access points (WAPs) to exceed user capacity and maintain consistently flawless functionality.

Retail store fit outs are time sensitive, and put simply, if you aren’t open for business, you aren’t making money. Evolve are an end-to-end, turnkey service, with strong project management experience and a team of registered electricians, certified AV and IT technicians collaborating to keep ahead of schedule and seamlessly working in with contractor programmes from the initial lighting design through to the finished product.

Evolve service all North Beach stores in Auckland, Hamilton and Bay of Plenty, providing a monthly service programme to keep all their store beautifully lit, functional and always looking their best. 

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