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Motu Grande, Pauanui

This beautifully masculine and contemporary holiday home, takes centre stage at the end of a peninsula on the Pauanui waterways, showcasing a variety of timbers, textiles and natural stone. 

The introduction to this alluring retreat lit up with wall mounted step lights leading up the driveway, revealing the statement front entrance balanced out with black aluminium up-down Kube lights complimenting the vertical slats and LED downlights illuminating the timber clad soffits. 

From ambient to decorative, residential lighting has to cover many environments, moods and tasks. The key to great lighting lies in the quality of light, where and how it is used. Evolve has custom designed recessed channels made to house LED lamps as an alternative to traditional down lights used in most residential projects, they played well against the timber ceilings and added another dimension of design to the space. Our client’s sleek kitchen lit with a slimline black aluminium suspended light over the island counter carried through the lighting trend present throughout the rest of the house and LED strip lighting not only lends a hand to great task lighting but also sets a moody atmosphere when everything else is dimmed down. 

Extensive exterior lighting aligning the house to the three jetties and canal, paves the way between the outdoor living areas and highlights the scale of the families home away from home. The choice of robust fittings able to withstand the slightly coastal environment, while not compromising on quality of illumination flushed over the generously proportioned gardens.

Ever faithful Fibaro smart home devices installed providing an environment that adapts t the needs of the entire family, paired with Amazon’s Alexa, taking care of automating the lighting, blinds appliances and audio throughout the home. The addition of three Echo Show devices spread around the house designed to support Alexa with a touch screen panel. 

The astonishingly clear sound of Sonos amplifiers and speakers used for multi zoned audio throughout the home reinventing the way we entertain, supported with a robust home network set up and installed by our inhouse AV technicians and IT specialist, using only the best from Ubiquiti. Unifi switches, wireless access points (WAP’s), multi app system and router to support the family’s needs, ready to perform and easily scalable for futureproofing.  

Keeping the family safe and the property secured while home or away, evolve designed and installed a security solution that was simplistic to use. Multiple CCTV cameras covering the large outdoor areas, entrances and exits paired with an integrated alarm, door and gate access control with audio and visual visitor identification through an intercom acting as a strong deterrent towards unwanted visitors. 

Evolve have taken great care to ensure that their systems are not only practical but also seamlessly integrated into the home’s overall functionality. By paying attention to even the smallest details, they have created a system that works in harmony with the family’s needs and enhances their daily experience. 

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