Optimising Meeting Rooms with AV Tech

In your business, your meeting room is where the magic happens. They’re the places where people come together, create ideas, and execute them to keep your business moving forward. Not only that, they’re your connection point with potential clients, so they’re an essential part of your revenue stream.

Unfortunately, meeting rooms often go overlooked when offices are getting a facelift. Don’t let that happen to you! Gone are the days of bulky projectors and tangled wires. Now, you can transform your meeting rooms into hubs of productivity with advanced audiovisual (AV) solutions integrated expertly into the space.

At Evolve Tech NZ, we’ve been in the business of upgrading meeting rooms for a while now, so we have plenty to offer in this space. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of optimising your meeting spaces with AV technology and give you some expert-verified tips to make it happen.

The Power of AV Technology

Meeting room technology in NZ has come a long way since the days of stacked and stapled printed paper and filing cabinets. There are many advantages to be found by embracing AV solutions, some of which include:

Improved Communication

High-quality video conferencing, crisp audio, and technologically enhanced collaboration tools make a huge difference mid-brainstorm, and in a world where hybrid work has become commonplace, excellent communication is essential. Buffering connectivity and terrible video quality no longer need to cut meetings short.

Better Collaboration

We live in a world where collaboration from a distance is a necessity for many. Great meeting room technology does more than connect people; it enhances the collaboration process. You now invite multiple people to connect to the same display to make their point, capture in-meeting data to make detailed notes for later, or simply open up a brainstorm that everyone has access to.

Efficient Meetings

Nothing derails a meeting quite like a technical hiccup. The right collection of technology makes this concern a thing of the past. Now, you can allow participants to get things moving quickly and smoothly with shared documents and maximised productivity.

Sustainable Savings

Upgrading your meeting rooms is an upfront investment – but one that saves you money in the long run. Not only does it reduce the need for travel for your meeting participants, but a smooth meeting also increases the likelihood that you’ll net clients.

With all these benefits and more on hand, is it any wonder that businesses all over New Zealand (and the world) are making the leap? The real question is, how do you nail your upgrade?

How to Optimise Your Meeting Rooms with AV Tech

Select the Right Equipment

The right equipment makes a massive difference with hybrid meetings and in-person collaboration, and to operate at a high level, it’s important to choose the best meeting room technology NZ has to offer. 

You want high-quality equipment that offers clear audio and crisp visuals, but it’s also essential to consider your team’s technical ability. User-friendly equipment allows everyone to get on board while minimising technical difficulties, opening the door to equal collaboration.

Takeaway: Consider the level of tech capability in your team and pinpoint what kind of meetings you generally hold. Are brainstorms your bread and butter, or are client pitches more your speed? This will inform which technical updates you prioritise. Where possible, get your wider team in on the fun and consult them on needs that might not naturally come to mind.

Prioritise Connectivity

The internet is the lifeblood of a modern meeting, so it’s important that it flows freely. At Evolve Tech NZ, we create systems that offer wireless connectivity and wired connections as a robust backup, enabling team members to share files and video conference easily.

Takeaway: Create a Wi-Fi connection with a wired backup for effortless and consistent internet access. Invest in high-quality modems and great security to future-proof your meetings.

Integrate, Integrate, Integrate

Finally, no meeting room exists in a vacuum. There are numerous collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack, Miro, and more that simplify the brainstorming process. Any great setup needs to take these tools into consideration. So, you want to set up and conduct meetings with ease while using all the tools your team relies on in their daily work.

Takeaway: Figure out which integrated tools you and your team consistently use in your meetings and daily work. From there, it’s easy to extrapolate which AV solutions will best suit your team. For example, digital brainstorming tools like Miro need accessible touch screens or Bluetooth connectivity for external accessories.

In summary, embracing enhanced meeting room technology in NZ is a great opportunity to jump forward in time. Scale your setup while future-proofing your collaboration space – and let your team have a voice in defining what will help them work best.

At Evolve, we have in-house electricians, data technicians, and I.T. resources that make optimising your meeting room easy. 

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Having a meeting over video can often encourage shorter attention spans. Therefore, it’s a great idea to share any action points or next steps with your team once the meeting is over to solidify what everyone needs to do.

In fact, this is a great practice, no matter what meeting format you’re using at work. Make sure they’re in a visible, collaborative place so that everybody can access them.

Give your remote and in-person teams the bridge they need to make magic happen. Embrace the hybrid model and make collaboration a permanent part of your workplace culture with built-in video conferencing.  

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